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03/12/15      6:00 pm
05/14/15      6:00 pm


 Thank You So Much to Westmont Elementary for Holding The “Hat Day” Fundraiser for The Children’s Heart Program! And to CHPVC Members Mandy Moody, Jenny May and Nancy Libengood for Organizing and Leading Such an Awesome Event!!!


Mandy Moody, Jenny May, and Nancy Libengood Organized the "Hat Day" Fundraiser held at Westmont Elementary School on April 30th.Mandy Moody, Jenny May, and Nancy Libengood Organized the “Hat Day” Fundraiser held at Westmont Elementary School on April 30th.


A Special Thanks to All the Kids at Westmont Elementary School Who Participated by Donating and by Helping to Bring Awareness to The Children’s Heart Program and Our Children with Special Hearts!


The Children’s Heart Program Volunteer Council (CHPVC) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization founded in 1995 to support children with cardiovascular disease and their families through a unique relationship with pediatric caregivers. The success of the CHPVC is attributed to dedicated volunteers, effective leadership, devoted financial supporters and a very important cause — enhancing the lives of children with special hearts and their families.

The Children’s Heart Program Volunteer Council’s key goal is to provide support through programs such as family visitation, educational seminars, Scholarship Awards, Camp Strong Heart, research awards, and projects associated with the Children’s Hospital of Georgia (Formerly The Medical College of Georgia Children’s Medical Center) Pediatric Cardiology program. These activities are funded through generous donations from friends like you and Doctors Who Cook®, our remarkable, nationally-known, award winning fundraising event.

CHPVC contact info:

Children’s Heart Program Volunteer Council
P.O. Box 40086
Augusta, GA 30909

Phone 706-414-4228
Please call or email us for family support or to request hospital visitation